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Experience Unforgettable Summer Camp Entertainment with BMX Freestylers

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Elevating Summer Entertainment: BMX Freestylers' Elite Team Injects Unrivaled Enthusiasm into Summer Camp Activities

Engaging Campers of All Backgrounds: BMX Freestylers Deliver Unique Experiences and Skill Development with Distinctive Summer Camp Entertainment

BMX Freestylers are leading the evolution of summer camp entertainment with their high-energy performances. Appreciating the draw of thrilling performances for young campers, they integrate professional BMX freestyle stunt riders to captivate the audience, delivering memorable experiences and fostering a spirit of adventure and camaraderie. BMX Freestylers aim to inspire and motivate campers from all backgrounds with their compelling and dynamic shows that stimulate personal growth and promote sportsmanship. This innovative approach has proven effective in maintaining campers' interest, enlightening them about the fun and fulfillment of physical activities, and leaving them rejuvenated, motivated, and ready for more.

"Our campers were enthralled by the performance. The booking process was exceptionally smooth. We're eagerly awaiting your return next summer!" SUNNY SUMMER CAMP Riverside, CA

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Mesmerizing Performances, Unforgettable Experiences: BMX Freestylers' Exceptional Summer Camp Entertainment

BMX Freestylers hold a 30-year tradition of creating exciting entertainment for summer camps. These performances focus on personal development, highlighting the value of discipline, resilience, and constant self-improvement through physical activities. Catering to all types of camps, BMX Freestylers offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, promising an experience that won't be easily forgotten by any camper. The core purpose of BMX Freestylers' Summer Camp Entertainment is not merely to entertain, but to engage and educate. These performances feature awe-inspiring stunts that captivate the audience and create a lasting impression. Through BMX Freestylers' performances, campers don't just watch the show; they gain positive and inspiring experiences that can be transformative.

Highlights of Our High-Energy BMX Summer Camp Entertainment

  • Only an area equivalent to the size of a basketball court (40 by 60 feet) is required to host a show.
  • We accept PO's, simplifying the booking and payment process for camps.
  • We supply a high-quality professional PA sound system to ensure clear sound and interactive engagement for all campers during the performance.
  • Our performances can comfortably entertain up to 600 campers per session, making it feasible for camps of various sizes to benefit.
  • Our Summer Camp Entertainment performances last for 40 minutes, providing an engaging and thrilling experience for campers.
  • Two professional BMX freestylers perform, showcasing their skills and captivating the campers' attention.

All your youthful and adult audiences will be impressed by the skill of the performers.

Our team has been selected from some of the best talent in the U.S.

They also have a special way of engaging the kids and sharing the important messages. The BMX Freestylers Dream Team has many years of experience talking to students of all ages and from all demographics. They know how to sense the mood of the students to make sure the show is a big success based on their working experience.

What Does the Team Bring with Them?

Each team has a professional sound system equipped with music, microphones, and loudspeakers that can be heard clearly based on the capacity of up to 600 per assembly. Most of our teams have their own portable power sources but we suggest you have power within 100 ft of the performance area. We bring everything we need to make sure your Red Ribbon Week School Assembly Program's a hit.

How Many Spectators Can Watch?

Depending on the venue, our best crowd size for viewing is up to 600 spectators per assembly unless there are special accommodations for a larger crowd.

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 Summer Camp Entertainment

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 Summer Camp Entertainment

Red Ribbon Week Assemblies Testimonies

  The show was AWESOME!! Dustin and Tucker were so much fun and the kids loved every minute of it. Their excitement was contagious. The message was perfect as well. Great way to celebrate the end of the year!!  

Great way to celebrate the end of the year!!

 Summer Camp Entertainment


Hesperia, CA

  Thank you for the great show today AND to Sr. Frank for making our little tres mosqueteras colombianas feel special and connected. It has been a rough year for them and they were SO PROUD to see their countryman representing the place they left behind. Grateful  

great show today!

 Summer Camp Entertainment


Rialto, CA

  Thank you! What a fun way to spend the afternoon. The students (and staff) really enjoyed the skill, talent, and entertainment that Cory and Tyler brought. Very exciting show with an important inspirational message. -Adrienne  

fun way to spend the afternoon

 Summer Camp Entertainment

La Entrada School

Menlo Park, CA

  AMAZING!!!! Not only was it super cool and exciting but the message embedded to students in regards to safety and following their dreams was magical. If you haven't had the chance to book them for your event, you are missing out!  

super cool and exciting

 Summer Camp Entertainment


Escondido,, CA

  Good afternoon Dennis! Nice to hear from you. Our scholars enjoyed your assembly so much and it was just what we needed! You both were fabulous!  

Much Needed Assembly

 Summer Camp Entertainment


Hollister, CA

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 Summer Camp Entertainment

 Summer Camp Entertainment

 Summer Camp Entertainment

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